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Kickstarter Stretch Goals

Thank you for supporting the successful Seven Worlds Kickstarter! As promised, please find here, ready to download, the free stretch goal prizes you have unlocked.

$10,000: Poster-sized starmaps in PDF

Two 18x12" PDF ready to print starmaps. These are the basis for the print-on-demand starmaps received by backers at the Epsilon-Level Officer level.

$10,500: Run-down station battlemap bundle

Two 1"-scale, ready-to-print PDF (and TIFF, for virtual tabletops) battle maps from a rusty, old space station: A corridor, and the main control room. These are referenced in the introductory adventure included in both the Setting Guide and the Test Drive.

$11,000: Spaceship Locations battlemap bundle

Three 1"-scale PDF and TIFF maps for different locations inside a military transport ship: A passageway/corridor, a conference room, and a ship docking corridor. These will be referenced in Module 2 of the campaign.

$11,500: Future City Locations battlemap bundle

Two 1"-scale PDF and TIFF specific city-based locations, such as the VIP stands for a futuristic parade celebration, and a ship transport supply platform high above a skyscraper building. These are used in Modules 1 and 5 of the campaign, respectively.

$12,000: Spherical Spaceship battlemap bundle

These unique 1"-scale PDF and TIFF maps simulate the spherical, no-up-or-down nature of spaceships, and include: A battlemap of the Voyager, the heroes' ship in the Seven Worlds campaign; and the spherical main bridge of a large battleship. This map is used in Module 6 of the campaign.

$12,500: GM Screen Inserts

  • In production (coming soon!)

$13,000: Medieval maps bundle

These 1"-scale PDF and TIFF maps of the defensive fortifications of a keep and a huge 1"-scale map of the smoldering ruins of a medieval town are used in Module 1 of the Campaign.
("Wait!", you think, "Isn't this a hard science-fiction game? Are you pulling my leg?" No, I'm not. But I can't explain without spoiling the campaign. It'll make sense when you read or play it, I promise. In the meantime, aren't we always in need of more fantasy maps? Here's your chance!)

$13,500: Ice-world Research Facility battlemap (Level 1)

This 1"-scale PDF and TIFF show the complete first level of a huge three-level ice-world research facility base. Wait for the other two levels at the next stretch goal! This map is used in module 3 of the campaign.

$14,000: Ice-world Research Facility battlemap (levels 2 and 3)

Two 1"-scale PDF and TIFF battlemaps of the second and third levels of the ice-world research facility base, including a vegetation biodome! These maps are used in module 3 of the campaign.
At this level we'll also write another new character archetype, complete with portrait created by Chiara di Francia and ready-to-play character sheet.

$14,500: Orbiting Space Station battlemap Bundle

Three 1"-scale PDF and TIFF maps for different locations in a space station orbiting an Earth-like planet: An Observation Room with a huge window pane that looks to the planet; an airport-like docking bay; and a multi-level engine maintenance section, complete with easy-to-fall-from catwalks! These three maps are used in module 7 of the campaign.