We're extremely excited about all the awesome buzz and interest generated by Seven Worlds! Here's a short sample of the many reviews we're receiving.

Atomic Rockets

This is not a review per-se, but rather the comments made around the Seal of Approval for Scientific Accuracy. For those who do not know Atomic Rockets, the site is devoted to promoting the use of correct science and astrophysics in novels and other forms of media. Here's what they had to say:

  • "I must confess that I was blown away! Mr. Torres ... has done a rocket-roaring good job. Spacecraft propulsion systems have realistic numbers, the space combat system is diamond hard..."
  • "Yes, [the 3-D starmap] is accurate, I checked it against one of my own star maps I created using the Hipparcos stellar catalog."
  • "This is the sort of top-notch work I was hoping for when I wrote this website. Mr. Torres has done his homework and it shows. I'm going to be purchasing a copy of this one when it comes out."

Halfway Station (Setting Guide Review)

  • "Overall Rating: 5 out of 5"
  • "It’s complex, realistic and elegant..."
  • "Gear: Honourable mention for the smart dust grenade, which scatters nanosensors throughout its burst template and allows the user to see through cover and around corners. The signature gear item, however, is the assistant, a kind of high-tech familiar which almost every PC has – basically a disembodied NPC sidekick played by the GM."
  • "Space combat... looks very different and more realistic than the usual dogfight paradigm."
  • "This isn’t the usual Firefly-meets-Star Wars space opera, it’s more like The Expanse."
  • "The hard SF tech isn’t just for show, it makes a real difference to the campaign plotline and how the game plays."
  • "There are echoes of 2300AD, Classic Traveller, Diaspora, Attack Vector: Tactical and other games."
  • "It’s good to see a game world whose technology feels futuristic; I haven’t had that feeling since I discovered 2300AD, and the 1980s were a long time ago."
  • "I’m also impressed by the way the corebook conveys a hard SF setting without making sweeping changes and adding complexity to the core Savage Worlds rules."

Halfway Station (Campaign Book Review)

  • "Infiltration, sabotage, a massive space battle, enemies both foreign and domestic, and a dungeon crawl in space, not necessarily in that order."
  • "The campaign ends, most likely in bittersweet triumph..."
  • "The story makes more use of the [Savage Worlds] Social Conflict rules than I remember seeing anywhere else."
  • "[The Seven Worlds Campaign] would make a pretty good TV series."
  • "If you can find 4-5 hard SF fans who love The Expanse and Babylon 5, and are OK with a linear main storyline, they will love Seven Worlds!"

Roleplayer's Chronicle

  • "An in-depth timeline that leads up to the campaign storyline..."
  • "A fleshed-out setting ready for its corresponding campaign and a wealth of sci-fi that seems much more plausible than most sci-fi."
  • "The setting rules...really brings out the flavor of the setting and sticks to the almost-hard sci-fi theme"

Tessera Guild Interview

An interview by Egg Embry on the game and the company, Intellistories.

The Curators Podcast

The team in charge of the only game-centric curated podcast hosted by Kickstarter shares their opinions on the game, as well as on my name and how it's pronounced!